Chili House (San Francisco, CA)

Chili House (San Francisco, CA)

Hot Hot Hot! Love spicy hot Chinese food? Be sure to checkout Chili House.

Hot Hot Hot! Love spicy hot Chinese food? Be sure to checkout Chili House

This place recently opened and their food is delicious. When I think of spicy food I think of Spices but you can actually taste the food here. The restaurant atmosphere is ok, but it was a bit awkward seeing small heaters on the floor.


  • #1 Tan Tan Noodle “Dan Dan Mein” [$6.95]
  • #3 Wonton w/ Spicy Peanut Sauce [$5.95]
  • #5 Pan Fried Leek Turn Over [$5.95]

My wife and I ordered our dishes with medium heat and they came out with the perfect amount of hotness. All of the food came out piping hot and we were ready to eat! The Tan Tan Noodles were really good, and the flavor was just right. However the amount of meat was lacking and barely apparent. The Wonton with Spicy Peanut Sauce was great and the skin wasn’t too thick. The Pan Fried Leek Turn Over was fragrant and had a nice crispy taste.

Quick Tips:

  • Bring a jacket on a cold night!

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726 Clement St
(between 9th Ave & 8th Ave) 
San Francisco, CA 94118
Neighborhood: Inner Richmond
(415) 387-2658

The Verdict


The Good: Delicious hot spicy tasty food.

The Bad: Lack of meat in the Tan Tan Noodles | Freezing Atmosphere.